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Communicate with Electrolux Engineers for new projects
Leoni (Germany) experts evaluate molds on site.
Communicate with BDCI engineers for new projects
The boss of Seitz (USA) paid a return visit
The boss of Seitz (USA) paid a return visit
Delegation of CT Chamber of Commerce visited our company.

Most of our customers are foreign corporations, joint ventures and private companies. Our major customers include Leoni, LG, Sharp, Seitz etc. Every year we export our 30% molds to USA, Germany, Netherlands and Australian etc. And our high quality and excellent service have won the praise and the trust of our customers.

Part of our customers list

Customer’s name Changzhou xinquan Bergstorm (Changzhou)
Shanghai Hangtian Shanghai Seb/Rowenta Nanjing Du-hope
Remington (USA) Leoni (Changzhou) Pitney Bowes (USA)
Seitz (USA) LG (Nanjing) LG (Tianjing)
Sharp (Nanjing) Peugeot Citreon (Wuhan) Electrolux(USA)